Chat Rules and Regulations

  1. Degrading respect of other chatroulette users is highly intolerable:
    • disruptive or intimidating comments targeted to other users;
    • any type of abusive activity regarding the community, race or nationality;
    • threatening chat partners by any means.
  2. Inappropriate behavior against chat companions is not allowed on chatroulette:
    • to show your naked chest and not to show your face;
    • encouraging or engaging partners in sexual activities;
    • dispersing sexually gradable phrases;
    • removing clothes before the cam during the chat;
    • turning camera down to your chest;
    • display of any inner body part that may encourage vulgarity;
    • involvement in the acts that may be considered as obscene.
  3. Showcasing any other image or picture rather than your own face is forbidden on chatroulette:
    • diverting camera on any other image/pictures;
    • diverting camera on your PC monitor;
    • diverting camera on any text;
    • disrupting the cam chat with the utilization of any emulator.
  4. Below given spamming is not allowed on chatroulette:
    • showcasing any type of advertisement either through images or videos or text;
    • irritating other chatroulette users with promotional URLs;
    • messaging others in bulk;
    • requesting others to take part in any survey or clicking on any external link or encouraging them for voting.
  5. Chatroulette Rules for Complaint
    • Everyone here, at chatroulette, is free to report the misbehaving users to the moderators. You should try to take a snapshot of your screen and send it to the moderators along with your report message. The moderation system here works round the clock.
    • If we received many complaints pointing to any user then the automated mechanism will debar that user from our site. To make this process accurate, this mechanism involves lots of factors.

Our website administrators don’t take liability for any mishap or misbehave with any chatroulette user. However, they try their best to catch up any rules’ violations and restrict those users. But still, if the users will start taking actions by themselves then it would help us a lot in making this website a good place for everyone and controling abusive activities.